Newsletter September 1998

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Old Tin has just received the first container from the ‘98 USA Buying Trip. Although most bodies were pre-sold, many sought after parts also arrived. Find attached a list of current stock and also details of next shipment.

USA Trip 1998

The dollar is still causing difficulties in buying stock at the right price, and with confidence in the USA economy increasing, locals are paying near top dollar for items at Swap Meets. This means I have to travel further to find stock at realistic prices which then increases transport costs and trip expenses. A tough "Catch 22" at present.

Coupes were again tough to find and I only have leads on maybe two 29 Standards and two 30 coupes. I did purchase a number of doors, roof sections and some 29 quarters, so I can mock up some bodies for sale. I found two 31 Slant Window 4 Door Sedans (all steel) and one Murray Body Sedan (wood framed) which I am looking for interested buyers before shipping.

Tudors still seem common and so I have some more 29 and 30 models coming at various prices. Pickups were again tough to find with only two 30 Closed Cabs and one rough 29 purchased. These are not yet sold or shipped.

I did buy some oddball parts which may interest the enthusiasts so have a look through the list.

A quick loading and look-see trip is being planned for late ‘98.


I have compiled some videos of the trip for those who would like to (almost) experience USA in the Summer of ‘98. As expected there are a lot of ‘A’ Models in the shots and highlights include :

- Antique Nats (Four Banger Picnic and Drags)

- Petersen Museum

- LA Roadster Show

- Wrecking Yards (mostly A parts)

- Speedway Motors Museum (early speed gear)

- Goodguys Heartland Nats, Des Moines Iowa

- Oldies but Goodies Drags, Boise Idaho

Although only amateur video it is clear and has been edited of feet and sky shots. A full three hour tape is priced at $20 postage paid and I do accept plastic money.

New Products

RMI 25 Cooling System Treatment

I am now local distributor for RMI 25 Cooling System Treatment. This is a USA product, been in Australia for over 8 years mainly in the heavy industry field, but quickly coming to the attention of the general public for passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Product features include :

- cleans and descales while in use

- corrosion inhibitor

- compatible to all engine components esp. aluminium items

- lubricant, won’t crystallise or granulate

- conditioner, maintains correct PH and TDS levels, stops electrolysis

- reduces operating temperature by 5-7C

- environmentally friendly, non toxic and biodegradable

Price is $15 for 12lt systems and $22 for up to 20lt systems.

For badly rusted or heavily scaled systems a sock filter is recommended to capture loose particles and prevent radiator clogging. These Socks are also stocked and are priced at $12.50 for normal motor vehicles. They are also available for motorcycles and for heavy machinery up to 6inch outlets.

Call for more info.

Hot Rod and Custom Ties

I have a small quantity of Hot Rod and/or Kustom Ties just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately no ‘A’ Model ones are available at present.

Price is $35 postage paid (plastic is fantastic for payment)


The New Car Australia Welcomes the A Model Ford $30

Flat Out Albert Drakes Dry Lake history $35

Hot Rodder Albert Drakes Interviews with the Legends $35

Wish Book Albert Drakes Early Hop Up Gear Ads $20

All prices include postage costs. Strictly limited offer while stocks last.

Speed Gear

The last visit to USA was not productive in obtaining speed gear because many places were out of stock. The trend in hopping up the Four Banger is growing and supplies can’t keep up. Any requirements may take up to 3 months to obtain. Please allow sufficient time to fill orders and remember prices will only go up.

I did have the pleasure and honour to visit the Donovan factory and partake in a private tour conducted by Mrs Donovan for the Model D customers. This was like heaven with about 20 blocks awaiting machining and assembly. If you win Tattslotto give me a call and I’ll quote some prices.


Old Tin will be out and about this summer and will attend the following events :

Bright Rod Run

Bendigo Swap

Ballarat Rod Run

Super Southern Swap

Castlemaine Swap

ASRF Nationals - Geelong

Drop in for a chat if you see us around.

The new premises have been somewhat organised and if you are passing Ballarat on the bypass, give us a toot or drop in for a quick look. We can be seen at the Clunes exit if you’re travelling west, or just after the Clunes overpass if going East. Stock will be constantly changed to relieve boredom to the passing traffic.

Stock of popular items are now held to improve service to customers, and to try and protect price movements.

Contact OLD TIN for all your A Model requirements, from front to back and inside to out, we try to cover the lot.

David Waight

Four Bangers Forever OLD TIN Ph 03 5339 FORD (3673)

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