Newsletter Spring (October) 2000

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Just back from the Dream Tour 2000 which saw me travel over 6500 miles through six States and attending nine separate events including LA Roadster Show, Cruise Nights, Muroc Reunion, Wrecking Yards, San Diego Swap, Wenatchee Rod Run, Oldies Drags, Pomona Swap and more.

Great trip with lots to see, but disappointing in the buying area. A Models were very thin on the ground with the Yanks buying them up to "Rat Rod", which has also forced up the prices. Other points noted from the trip were overall price increases across the whole range of cars and parts (new and used), increased numbers at all events and a continued buzz amongst people that all is well in the industry and overall economy. Hopefully, this will be reflected in what we see over the start of our Rod Run season.


You all know that we now have a new Tax System in place and although I tried to avoid it by going o/seas, it was still here when I returned. All my sales now must attract GST (New or Used items) and although for imported parts this is less than the Sales Tax charged previously, the drop in the Aussie dollar along with general price increases in the USA, means that many items have gone up. I am in the process of updating all prices so bear with me till this is completed.

Hot Rod Pickup

The new V8 versions are coming along and customers should be driving them from next month. Check them out along with the original 6 cylinder versions at Rod Runs and Swaps over Summer.

As mentioned above, prices are being reworked to include all the latest effects on cost.

Web Site

A big update is occurring at present with more pictures, info, and links being included. If you have any other suggestions, I am happy to hear them. More regular (say 3 mthly) additions to the general site area will be tried to ensure repeat visits are worthwhile. Thanks to all the visitors so far.


A 3 hour Video of Dream Tour 2000 is available for $25 all up (this is home video footage edited to show most events attended).

I also have a Quality Video of Easter Ballarat 2000 which is over an hour of highlights professionally shot, edited and soundtracked including the Hot Rod Drags and Show and Shine --- $35 all up.

Send all orders by mail to above address (Credit Card orders add 10%). Allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Find attached list of current stock and other items either coming or known about. Photos will be on the Website.

Nostalgia Drags

We’ve just returned from Mildura where the Nostalgia Titles (1/8th mile) were successfully held on their 1 year old track. A great event, run very well and attracting many entrants from NSW and SA where they are hanging out for this kind of fun racing. Look out for the next event and go and have a look at this step back in time.


My new motor is back and will be put in my Felix Pickup to get a few miles on and fully sort out before March. This year 100mph for sure??????????


Old Tin is chasing some Aussie Utes, mainly pre 53 Ford and Chev , so let me know if you want to sell anything ( from parts to projects to drivers, I’m interested).

Also any A Tourers complete or parts, and any spare Open car cowls and door posts.


New Arrivals - Fords ($ au incl. GST)
30 4 Dr. good rust free body, in bits, lotsa wood $3850
30 P/U Cab mocked up cowl, doors, back $1980
30 Vicky Body very good body in bits, shotgun damage LH Door, most trim bits $6600
39 Coupe Builder,body on chassis, lower rust glass bootlid $9350

Other Stock

Bodies - Fords ($ au incl. GST)

28 Tourer Solid body parts roughly assembled $2500
29 Tudor body rusty cowl and doors, nice back $3960
30 Tudor Body v.g, all moulds, bullet holes $4400
30 Ute Was a driver, been pulled down $5500
30 Pickup Cab only, blasted, rust repaired $3500
37 Sedan Complete rolling body on modified chassis $3500

33 Dodge Pickup Nice blasted suicide doors Cab only $3300

See our Tin Yard for pictures.

Plus lots of body parts for Tudors, Tourers and Pickups

Note: No coupes located this trip (at reasonable prices) but I do know of these two:-

30 Coupe full resto last 5 years, rego driver in WA $23000 GST n/a

30 Coupe sidey powered USA 60’s hot rod, driver $21000 "

Remember Old Tin is Australia's home of 'A' Model Fords and we carry the largest range of second hand parts in the country.

We are also agents for many Hot Rod parts and carry stock of all 4 bar Front and rear end items. Give me a call if you need some advice on your 'A' model project.

David Waight
Australian Land Speed Record Holder for Vintage 4 class.

Four Bangers Forever OLD TIN Ph 03 5339 FORD (3673)

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