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Newsletter August 2001

(Important note: The prices shown on on archived newsletters are no longer current! Please see the current newsletter or contact us.)

Well, just back from the good ol’ USA and straight into some fresh 8-9 degree days in Ballarat. Just perfect in a tin shed with no heater. At least it makes you keep working and on the move to stay warm. Enough about the weather.

What a trip!!!! Visits to the Antique Nationals, Pomona Swap, Mopar Challenge, LA Roadster Show, Santa Rosa Swap, Oldies Drags and another Pomona Swap filled the weekends to the brim. Combined with wrecking yards, cruise nights, backyards and good old tin hunting from Canada to Mexico, the time seemed to fly.

There is still lots of stuff out there, but one big problem. The cost to get them home with the way our dollar is, means they would not sell in the current market. Besides the US Hot Rodding scene just keeps getting bigger and better with more people joining the movement at every event. This means stuff just doesn’t sit around like it used to, with someone always willing to buy, no matter what condition.

I did find some good A Model bodies, but will not ship unless there is serious buyers because of the cost. I have put photos in this newsletter and some on the web site to allow people to consider their options.

I am in the process of editing some videotape into highlights and will be selling tapes of the trip. There will also be a professional video of the LA Roadster Show released through Old Tin which contains some excellent interviews of famous identities. Finally, a highlights video of the Oldies Drags will also be compiled for the go-fast followers.

All in all, a great insight into what should be in store for Australia in the coming years.

Latest News

Internet Update www.oldtin.com.au

There will be a layout change on the Website soon to simplify the info online. There will be updates on the stock and specials as well. Let me know if there is something else you would like to see, so I can consider.

Great Aussie Dream Tour 2001


The Dream Tour provided me with over 9 hours of videotape and I am busy editing a highlights package for those interested.

There was also professionally filmed footage of the LA Roadster Show which will be released through Old Tin shortly.

Finally, one of my favourite events the OLDIES DRAGS, will be presented in a highlights package of over one hour.

So get your video players cleaned and get ready for some interesting and fun footage of the USA scene in 2001.

These would make a great gift idea for FATHERS DAY and CHRISTMAS, so start dropping hints now……..


I would like to clear some of the current stock, to enable some new stock to be purchased.

A full list of items on hand is included later in the newsletter.

Hot Rod Pickup

A new release of the latest updated Pickup is planned for late September and will include full details of the recent developments in chassis, body and running gear as requested by customers. New team members are joining Old Tin to enable vehicles and kits to be supplied in shorter timeframes as requested.

A special 2002 Limited Edition model with traditional four bar front and rear will be released in December. Watch out for this exciting promotion and get in early because there will only be a few built.


The Rod Run season will kick off again in Victoria in October, with some Swap Meets and Nostalgia Drag Racing events before then. A full schedule will be on the Web site.


Old Tin still has some very good bodies in stock, but they won’t last forever. Prices have been held for over 18 months now, but will have to rise soon. If you are interested in any of these items, get in quick and remember we happily accept lay-by terms to assist your cash flow.

Current Stock ($ au incl. GST)
28 Tudor body. Mint back, doors need lower repair. $5500
29 Tourer body. Solid set of body panels need subframe. $3850
29 Roadster Pickup Body. New Cab built for old customer. $6600
30 Tudor body. Blasted and assembled nice project body. $4950
30 Tudor body. Very nice original and clean body. $5500
30 Roadster Pickup. Very clean front with new cab back. $5500
30 Roadster Ute. Original old ute with good parts. $4400
30 4 Door Body. Good panels with wood everywhere. $3850
37 4 Door Sedan. Nice cheap starter car, need some bits. $2200
39 Standard Coupe. Cheap coupe roller missing parts. $7700
33 Dodge Pickup Cab. Cutest of the 33’s, Great Rat Rod $3300

A selection of the finds in USA include these gems

($ au incl. GST)
29 Standard Coupe. Solid body on chassis, these are rare. $7000
29 Leather Back Coupe. Good dry body with most brackets, etc. $6000
29 Sports Coupe. Solid body with some extra bits. $5500
29 Closed Cab Pickup. Nice complete Cab with little probs. $6000
30 Closed Cab Pickup. Late 31 with solid roof , good nick. $4500
30 Coupe. All in bits but nice condition. $6000
30 Sports Coupe. Solid original body. $5500
40 Pickup. This is nice old truck, needs grill. $9900
49 Coupe. Solid complete car, very minor rust. $11500
These prices include shipping to Melbourne and pickup from there or Ballarat.

Note. These were available as at 25 July, 2001, but check first before sending money.

See our Tin Yard for pictures.

Plus lots of body parts for Tudors, Tourers and Pickups

Remember Old Tin is Australia's home of 'A' Model Fords and we carry the largest range of second hand parts in the country.

We are also agents for many Hot Rod parts and carry stock of all 4 bar Front and rear end items. Give me a call if you need some advice on your 'A' model project.

David Waight
Australian Land Speed Record Holder for Vintage 4 class.

Four Bangers Forever OLD TIN Ph 03 5339 FORD (3673)

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