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Newsletter February 2000

(Important note: The prices shown on on archived newsletters are no longer current! Please see the current newsletter or contact us.)

Welcome to the first days of the new century and millenium. The Year 2000 promises a new enthusiasm in Australia with changes in Government (Victoria), Tax Systems, technology and communications.

This has led to increased demand in many industries to beat tax effects, which in turn has stimulated spending down the chain to recreational pursuits (old cars). New people are flocking to our favourite pastime with increased participation at events and more new vehicles under construction than ever before. It seems it may be our golden period again, so let’s get out there and enjoy and have some good old fun with our toys.

Latest News

Internet Update www.oldtin.com.au Old Tin has been on the Internet now for over 2 months and things are buzzing. We have just updated our Stock (TinYard) and Products and Price List and will have our logo and layout finalized in February. We are planning a Swap Meet site just for A Models (Stock or Rodded) and hope to offer a competitive alternative to the current magazines (estimated cost for vehicle sale is $30 for 2 photos and text for 3 months listing). We will also open up the "A"-mail (e-mail) and info line so have another visit soon or call if you need more info.

Great Aussie Dream Tour 2000 -A tour package will be offerred for this year if there is enough interest. At this stage it will be a 12 day package to include LA Roadster Show, Long Beach Swap and Touristy stuff and includes airfare, shared accommodation and transport for the price of $2599 (indicative only). Dates are approx. 8 June to 20 June 2000, but will be finalised depending on numbers and event dates.

Anyone interested should contact David at Old Tin, or

Leigh at National World Travel Ballarat Ph (03) 5332 8088
E-mail ballarat@natworldtravel.com.au

Look for further information on Old Tin site and Magazines over the next few months.

New Products In conjunction with a retired mechanic, Old Tin can now offer change-over items for stock A Models including Engines, Axle Housings, Steering arms, Perch bolts. Prices will include a core charge which will be refunded when traded item is checked for suitability to repair (eg. Short engine $1700 plus $300 core charge). The list will be finalised along with costings and updated onto the Internet site. If you are interested please contact David for more info.

Other new releases include- 32 replacement rails $1100 pair, 29 Aluminium Windscreen Posts $150 pair, 29 Roadster Pickup Cab backs $500, 29 Roadster Doors with Burstproofs $1000 pair, 32 glass Grill Shell $120, 1923 T Bucket body with grill and dash $550, 32 Style chassis cover (fibreglass) $250 pair, plus more new stuff in the making.

Hot Rod Pickup - Not much progress on the V8 version to date however this will be a focus until mid year so we can develop a standard approach and price this properly. More details next Newsletter.

Events - It is a busy time of the year from now until Easter with Swaps, Rod Runs, Racing and Shows all happening. We are trying to attend as many as possible but can’t do everything. We will definitely be at the following so drop in and say g’day :

25/2 - Super Southern Swap - Sites 1794-96, 1867-69
6/3 - Salt Lake Racing
31/3- Rich River Rod Run
9/4 - Castlemaine Swap
21/4 - Easter Vic State Rod Run Ballarat

Salt Lake Racing -We’re waiting on a Salt Lake condition update but it seems all is go for this year with the Yanks and Kiwis already shipped his car over. I’ll be looking at increasing the V4 record up a bit with some mild improvements to the car for this year.

Stock -Although a bit slow moving due to wrong mix, there is still lots of interest in old tin and the stockpile is running down again. Good stuff does not last, and we will be repairing and presenting a better quality item from now on. Bodies will be sandblasted, rust repairs completed and etch primed to take out the hard work. Prices will increase but savings in the long run should be evident. Some stock will remain untouched when warranted. Check out the website for current listings and photos or call for your requirements. Current list follows with photos attached:

See our Tin Yard for pictures.

Bodies - Fords ($ au)
28 Tourer Solid body parts roughly assembled $2500
29 Bakers Van Complete vehicle, needs full resto $3500
30 Tudor Best complete body in stock $4000
30 Ute Great original driving ute, needs full resto $5000
30 Pickup Cab only, blasted, rust repaired $3500
37 Sedan Complete rolling body on modified chassis $3500

33 Dodge Pickup Nice blasted and repaired Cab only $3000

29 Rolling Chassis $1500
29 Tudor Cowl and Doors $1500
29 Tudor Rear Panels $1500
29 Front Guards                                         From $250
29 Front End/Diffs/Engines etc                    From $200
30 Tudor/Pickup Cowl $600
30 Guards Front                                          From $200
To Clear:
41 Chev Coupe Doors
Good Solid doors with glass etc.

Remember Old Tin is Australia's home of 'A' Model Fords and we carry the largest range of second hand parts in the country.

We are also agents for many Hot Rod parts and carry stock of all 4 bar Front and rear end items. Give me a call if you need some advice on your 'A' model project.

David Waight
Australian Land Speed Record Holder for Vintage 4 class.

Four Bangers Forever OLD TIN Ph 03 5339 FORD (3673)

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